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Pay-Per-Click is a thriving and powerful platform to quickly generate increased web traffic that drives targeted visitors to your site.  PPC experts at Adlytics Media leverage our proprietary methods to provide exclusive pay-per-click strategies. We incorporate a variety of proven techniques to your campaigns, designed to make your PPC have the highest return on investment.

Our PPC specialists will provide:

  • Custom market analyses

  • Custom ad copy

  • Remarketing, Affinity, & In-market targeting

  • Ongoing Keyword Research

  • Access to the entire AdWords and Bing advertising suites


Our team will infuse custom ad copy that is designed to be relevant to your landing pages, keywords, and desired lead (or conversion) type(s).

Google users who visited your website in the past but did not convert in to sales revenue are a critical advertising group.  Advertising to this set of people is referred to as “remarketing”. Using remarketing, we are able to offer additional incentives to encourage these users to return to the site to convert. The incentives can come in the form of text, video, and / or image advertising.

Users who frequently visit certain types of sites are another powerful advertising group. This group is typically called an “affinity group”. For example; A viewer that is interested in baby clothes, who always shops at the GAP, may not know “The Charming Little Online Shop” also sells similar baby clothes at lower prices and higher quality. Our systems ensure that relevant users such as these find your site(s) as well. Last we have In-Market targeting. This method is used to attract new customers who have been actively searching for your product or services within the last 7 days. Similar to remarketing, these users could have visited your site, but more interestingly these users likely have visited your competitors’ sites within the last 7 days.

In addition to these targeting methods, we will merge strong keywords into your PPC campaigns to attract more users to check you out. Analytics data and A/B split testing provides us with accurate, real-time feedback to establish the ads we have created are functioning to your advantage and increasing your site traffic and overall ROI.

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